Clash Royale Free Gems & Gold Hack

Without a doubt, Clash Royale has indeed stormed the world with their awesome unique card match-up battles. With the added rewards that players get on a daily basis, it only makes the game even more addictive! Clash Royale has been very competitive as players go head on, face-to-face, to encounter various decks which results in epic battle matches. However, players that are willing to spend gain an upper advantage, which is why the others resort on those unlimited Gems Hack.

It may be cheating but not everyone has the privilege to try it out. Only a mere 1-2% of the Clash Royale Free Gems Hack of that are posted online are true. It is that rare to find, as there are several factors affecting it. The most common is the frequent updates that Supercell implements to blocks such cheating schemes. Although everything is on a process and not everyeone gets caught, right? So, you might as well take these free gems to your advantage before they find a way to jam the access.


A Brief Introduction to Clash Royale

Let us give insights to those who are not familiar as to the mechanics of the game. Basically, players start from Level 1 and grow higher in level as more experience points are collected. However, the manner of collecting experience points is to battle your heart out against other players online. As you win matches, there are different rewards that come along as well. Cards are given out through chests, which of course depends on the rarity of the chest.

Clash Royale Hack Introduction

Although the cards are given out in a random order, there are higher chances in obtaining cards with rarer chests. Legendary cards being the highest form of cards, can be obtained once players reach certain higher arenas. It can be purchased through Gold but can also be obtained by chance. Every card can be acquired randomly but the most frequent ones are the common cards. Followed by the rare cards, then the Epic one’s before the Legendary one’s.

These cards represent a variety of units that you could choose to fight for you. In order for them to appear on the battle field, players have to click on them once the necessary elixir cost is met. If you are now wondering on how elixir is obtained, it basically increases by one every second. However, there could be other considerations to that as it could be altered with elixir pumps; a tactical card that can be used to a certain player’s advantage.

Clash Royale Hack Progression & Gameplay


Once players win battles, they are awarded with a certain amount of trophies as well. These trophies would dictate where that certain player is on the leaderboards. The ladder can be climbed or pushed with frequent gaming and of course winning. Unlike Clash of Clans where trophies can be stolen when offline, in Clash Royale, the trophies stay put, unless you loose a battle.

Gems: A Valuable In-Game Currency

A big importance in the game revolves in the in-game currency that players have. Most players value this over trophies because it would be a lot difficult to climb up the ladder without the necessary sturdy army. Cards can be strengthened by upgrading them, but gold is needed to do so. This is why other players get an advantage compared to those playing for free, since they are willing to spend their real-life cash on gems.

Gems are the premium currency in the game. With gems, players can do a whole lot with it. It can be used to purchase gold, then spent on cards from the daily card shop. The ‘Daily Card Shop’ is basically a shop that sells a variety of cards randomly on a daily basis. Upon purchasing cards from the shop, the price will double with every purchase. This forces players to either check back later after collecting more gold, or purchase more gems to save time.

Clash Royale Hack for Free Gems and Gold

Chests can also be opened without waiting for several hours in exchange for gems. This would be an advantage for those who play on a daily basis and seemingly need more than four chests spaces to hold. Speed chest opening will always cost 18 gems. With that, it would be best to perform this when in higher arenas as the likelihood of obtaining rare cards is definitely higher.

The Only True Clash Royale Free Gems Hack

Having mentioned the many advantages that gems have, it would be the best to dig into ‘The Only True Unlimited Clash Royale Free Gems Hack’. Now more than ever – because there is no other that work that perfectly well as this one! Now is the chance for you, being an unknown player in the game to show yourself and get to the Legendary Arena as fast as possible. Show your inner skills and crush those who oppose you! Click the link below for a better gaming experience in Clash Royale.


Clash Royale Winning Hack
One thing that pushes players away from trying out such Unlimited Gems Hack is the fear of possible permanent ban. It’s not easy to let go the account that you have been growing for countless days right? But to be safe and avoid being one of those players that gets caught, we have added extra layer of security and protected all the players from exposing. This makes our Clash Royale hack the safest free gems generator above all else.

Clash Royale Free Gems and Gold

The Advantages:

  1. Unlimited Gems – The simple hack would enable players to collect as much gems as possible in order to have the upper hand against the opponents. Be able to open chests swiftly and cut the waiting time. More chest spaces simply means more games to play!
  2. Unlimited Gold – Although the Unlimited Gems Hack only focuses in gems, gold can be purchased in exchange with gems meaning, players get to have unlimited gold as well! Gold is a necessity in the game as it is needed in upgrading the cards for battle. A fortified army would always get the advantage in every match, especially to the players that are new to the game. So be prepared to dominate!
  3. Encryption & SSL enabled – Unlike other hacks, encryption can also be enabled within the hack. Just check the “Enable Encryption” option and your account will be protected by our secure HTTPS protocol.
  4. Absolutely NO BANS – With the added security of the Clash Royale Gems Hack, it controls players from hording gems. Supercell bans players from the game when they detect suspicious activities going on. What the hack does for the player is to make it appear that the player is normally purchasing from Supercell, thus discarding him or her from the suspicious list of players. The ultimate punishment if caught cheating in the game is a permanent ban. So if you want to avoid that, you must use this Unlimited Gems Hack for your own safety. Don’t risk it on other software aside from this proven and tested tool.

How to use the Unlimited Gems Hack?

  1. Once you load the Clash Royale Hack, input your username into the designated area. Then select the platform where you usually login into the game, whether it is iOS or Android. You can also “Enable Encryption” to make sure your account remains 100% safe.
  2. Click on the “Connect” button. Make sure you receive a message that you have successfully connected to your account.
  3. Check if the tool status is online. If you connect succesfully to your account, that means that the tool is online and up to date. Otherwise, an Error message will pop up.
  4. Both Gems and Gold can be generated with our tool. Gold can also increase drastically in number with a simple purchase through gems trading. So, you can generate more gems instead and use the gems to generate in-game gold.
  5. Finally, simply click the ‘Start Now’ button; and there you go! An easy, yet simple advantage against your future opponent!
    Important: Our tool is highly abused by bots and without control, it can easily harm other people’s accounts. Because of that, a small human verification might be required to finish all the steps successfully.


That’s it. Use it with caution, no more than once a day. Keep playing the game, have fun and clash on! In addition, you will receive one of the best materials “How to Receive 500 Gems Every week”, which will greatly improve your gameplay and ranking stats.